__HAPIstan__ is the storyline for the environmental Children's Show that is part of the Daisy World project. It is based on a mythical country that lies somewhere on the silk road. The name comes originally from an acronym: - Hindustan - Afghanistan - Pakistan - Iran

# A mythical world We use live video and special effects to transport children into a magical world where they can meet and interact with teachers and other children from distant cultures.

We use Zoom, and custom built musical instruments and green screen technology to engage students in an augmented reality world that we build together.

HTML5 mp4 http://daisy.world/assets/hapistan.mp4 What might Hapistan look like?

We collect sounds, voices, languages, poems, drawings, and use these elements to construct a visual representation of the places we visit. In this way we create our own virtual set for the performance we stage at the end of the workshops.

# Radio

Here we introduce a text, and some sounds that give us a clearer feel for what the show would sound like.

http://daisy.world/assets/Story%20and%20Magic%20Carpet%20song%20FULL%20(maya).wav A draft audio, and musical reading of the text below. This is how the show might work on radio - that is internet radio or a podcast.

# Transcript

High in the mountains, and far across the forest of time, Lies a land that many people call Hapistan. This land can not be reached by foot, nor horse. No car or plane can journey there. Not yet at least. Not yet.

But we can invite you, if you like to join us. It is a place we make together. A very friendly place.

Hapistan lies along the Silk Road, though no one to this day knows exactly where. Some say it floats Others believe it is hidden And others still declare with confidence, that it is completely invisible to those that walk or fly without love in their hearts.

Because of this, travel arrangements can be a little complex. There are some rules. You should never try to travel there alone. For it is easy to get lost. And much more fun to travel with new friends. Hapistan is definitely the place to make new friends This is one of the rules.

The second thing we must learn to do is fly. Now as you know, not everyone can fly. Many adults have forgotten how to do so. But don’t worry we can show you. For those that cant fly by themselves, we just need a carpet Any carpet will do As long as you like it. It is important that you like your carpet. Carpets that are not liked cannot fly.

The third thing we need of course is a magic spell. In Hapistan all spells are songs And a song is just a sound that you love. So that is really easy.

The last of course is to bring a gift. All visitors to Hapistan must bring a gift. If you don’t you will simply fly past and never notice you were there. This gift should be important, and as anyone who is wise will tell you important things cannot be seen by the eyes, but only by your heart. All gifts in Hapistan are invisible to the eyes until you shut them.

# Workshops Now you have all three things are you ready to join us on our journey? Remember these things and we are ready to begin our journey together: 1. Bring at least one new friend 2. Sit on one carpet (liked) 3. Sing one magic spell 4. Bring an important gift (invisible) 5. And of course love in your heart