Environmental Fable

Daisy World is an environmental fable for children an adults. It is a story about global warming and the environment told through the example of an earth like planet struggling to exist in a world which is getting ever hotter.

- See the plot

The fable takes place within a simple ecosystem comprising of a few daisy-like organisms that in their struggle to survive keep their temperature of the planet at just the right temperature for daisies to thrive. This is the story of Gaia set int the context of Global Heating.

# Introduction - scene 1

We begin with picturing a simple world - daisy world. Daisy World does not exist yet. It needs our help to stop the world heating up and becoming like Venus. Without daisies the world will heat up and all the water boil away into space. To save this world we need to plant daisies.

# Scene 1 - our guide

Our guide is the presenter. In this case we imagine Charlotte. Charlotte is The Little Prince, and each child is The Aviator - able to fly wherever they want.

The first scene is the last to be written, and we need to experiment with different introductions. It ma be a Science journey in which we explore The Asteroid and The Planets, or it may be a flight on a magic carpet where we crash into the desert and Start to plant daisies.

# Drawing Workshops

To start, we need to draw. We draw together daisies and the animals and plants that we imagine living there. This is an image workshop, in which we study daisies, how they live and how they move - and we draw them - cutting them out and adding them to a collectively constructed collage.

Each session, we draw. Or some of us draw. We explore stop frame animations, and science videos about elements of the story and then we draw pictures, and record stories that the children write about these pictures.

This is a form of short improvised image theatre, where parents and children can bring images, or objects, draw them and talk about the objects they bring and the drawings they create.

# Puppet Workshops - scene 2

In Scene 2 we imagine how the daisies feel and think. We use puppetry to visit them and talk to them. We ask them what they need to live and be happy.

We do this by bringing space characters to daisy world. A little like the story of The Little Prince, we imagine some characters that visit daisy world and talk to the creatures they meet there. We start with some readings of The Little Prince which we adapt / remix for our environmental fable.

We create our own plot as a serialised performance that we create afresh together with each Class.

# Music Workshop - scene 3

Once we have some puppets, and some backgrounds we organise a sound or music workshop in which we work with the kids to collect sounds that accompany the Daisy World movie we are beginning to create.

# Exploring the World - scene 4

Once we have a basic world we flesh it out by exploring the science behind the world.

# Game Workshop - what i see when I'm small

We play the microscope game.

# Governance Game - scene 5

In the plot of The Little Prince there is a considerable section of governance. We ask children to imagine different ways that Daisy World should be governed, and we do this through a game.

# The Screening - scene 6

In the last scene we invite the parents to join us for a screening of the live performance we conduct in Zoom. We stream the video and record it - giving the option for parents to keep a copy of the resulting video. There are different options here and parent would choose and give their consent before the course starts. Different groups of parents would be gathered according to their preference for privacy or public performance.